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The latest concept in advanced Research and Development for all types of Loudspeaker and Headphone Technology. Comprehensive planning and design for complete loudspeaker systems and crossover networks using advanced computer analysis. All elements are optimized to match and complement each other resulting in superior performance. State of the art acoustical and mechanical designing on all classes of loudspeaker enclosure, including bass reflex, sealed, band-pass, and transmission line, for a very broad range of possible requirements. Full LMS 4.6, LEAP 5, PRAXIS, TrueRTA, CLIOwin 7.13 QC, and LspLAB3 measurements are available for any type of loudspeaker. Expert voicing and auditioning, with a true independent opinion to maximize sales at any given price point. Factory supplied Reference and Studio quality loudspeakers are on hand for comparison test against, including models from Bowers and Wilkins (B&W) Loudspeakers Ltd, Tannoy Ltd, and Dynaudio GmbH. All amplification for listening and evaluation testing is conducted solely with Accuphase Laboratory Inc. products of Japan.


Latest Plans & Concepts



New Crossover design and development. New Subwoofer      
Further development with Kevlar cone materials.
New Super-Tweeter research underway. Further analysis of 
Time Coherent loudspeaker behavior. New loudspeaker

enclosure design technology being developed for less coloration

in signal output.

New Tweeter dome materials being investigated to aid dispersion

and imaging in room environments.



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The author wishes to dedicate this Website to his late parents, Peter Arthur Duminy, and Denise H. Duminy, both of whom encouraged him to pursue his aspirations. This site is also dedicated to his sons, Christopher and Michael Duminy, who both dedicate their time with fresh and new ideas for the Audio Industry. The author also wishes to thank members of the Audio Industry in the United Kingdom, Switzerland, and Belgium, for their inspiration and tireless assistance in providing information and updates in the creation of this Website.